Included in this page are a variety of tools and resources that have been utilized or developed by the Chronic Disease Prevention and Control (CDPC) Program to better track data, outcomes and impact of grant efforts. Many have been provided to local health departments and contractors funded through either grant. Additional questions or guidance can be obtained by reaching out to the CDPC program.

This tool, obtained through the ToP Facilitation training, has been utilized internally and with partners to determine how involved staff and agencies plan to be with a variety of projects and/or strategies.

This allows the program to evaluate meetings that bring a range of partners together, like the Walkable Communities Steering Committee. A template survey is available to distribute at meetings. After survey results are compiled, pertinent staff are brought together for a guided discussion to further document what went well, what’s next, and any potential areas of improvement for future meetings.

This excel file is provided to contractors to streamline the process of collecting progress made on contract deliverables, evaluation information and performance measures. It can be modified based on the scope of work and also includes a guidance document that is available by request.