Worksites are a great opportunity to have wellness efforts taking place to help grow a healthier Nebraska. Employers who build comprehensive wellness programs recognize the value add and the potential return on investment for their organization, but also for their employees. A comprehensive wellness strategy including physical activity initiatives help to reduce chronic disease rates, helps improve moral, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and has the potential to impact the bottom line.

Additional Information and Resources

Comprehensive Wellness – Comprehensive Worksite Wellness Toolkit

This Nebraska Worksite Wellness Toolkit is a easy-to-use guide for organizations to follow to effectively develop a comprehensive worksite wellness program. The Toolkit is available both in a document and online. Organizations are given detailed steps to follow to build or expand worksite wellness efforts. The website contains additional resources beyond the Toolkit document and connects business with up-to-date information to support their programs.

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Comprehensive Wellness – 2013 Nebraska Worksite Wellness Survey

The Nebraska Worksite Wellness Survey was conducted in 2010 to provide information on worksite wellness policies and practices being implemented in businesses across the state. A follow-up survey was sent out in 2013 to determine current worksite wellness policies and practices and also determine what changes have occurred since 2010. This information will help to identify areas of need related to developing a comprehensive worksite wellness program for Nebraska businesses. A total of 582 small businesses, 510 medium businesses and 260 large businesses participated in the 2013 survey, with a total response of rate of 42.1%. Respondents represent a wide variety of sectors across the state.

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CDC Health Scorecard

A tool designed to help employers assess whether they have implemented science-based health promotion and protection interventions in their worksites to prevent heart disease, stroke, and related health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

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Physical Activity in the Worksite

The purpose of this guide is to help organizations with the tools and support needed to build physical activity back into the lives of their employees through walking. The strategies included were chosen to be geared toward organizations of all sizes including large and small businesses, non-profits, faith-based and community organizations.

Nebraska Walk it Guide


The Nebraska Diabetes Worksite Toolkit is designed to support the comprehensive Worksite Wellness Toolkit. Each section will guide you through user-friendly steps to implement sustainable changes that support the prevention and control of diabetes.

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